Almost 70 years of experience
we import, distribute and produce
premium fragrances and cosmetics


Franslux was founded in 1955 as an importer of luxury brands. In 1959, the fragrance division began with the exclusive distribution in Mexico of the prestigious Hermès brand.

Since then, Franslux has consolidated its experience in managing renowned luxury brands, expanding its reach into new business units:

The Retail, Fashion, Manufacturing, Mastige & Export business units make Franslux the top distributor and manufacturer of fragrances and cosmetics in Mexico.

Franslux is continually reinventing itself, reaching new segments of the Mexican market and putting a seal of luxury on every detail.


Doing things with elegance:

In character, in manner, in style… in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.

Doing things with elegance is working with respect to our collaborators and our environment, seeking innovation and excellence in each process and product while trying to be the best version of ourselves.