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Millennial Essence: Contributing to the future of young people

As part of the university bonding initiatives of Human Resources, on March 21st, the Talent Management team gave the Millennial Essence conference, at the Acatlán School of Advanced Studies (FES Acatlan), to more than 100 undergraduate students.

The paper addressed employability in a comprehensive manner; students shared tips on: how to assemble a Curriculum Vitae in an assertive manner, what is the appropriate dress for a job interview and what are the most frequent questions asked by recruiters.

The session concluded with the staging of a real interview, in which 2 students had the opportunity to do a face-to-face test with the recruiting team. Throughout the event, attendees who actively participated in the dynamics of the session were creditors, in recognition of their participation, of products from the Franslux fragrance portfolio.

The departments of Actuaría and University Liaison of the FES Acatlan, stressed the high value of the content of the conference, in turn stressed that “Franslux is welcome to the largest faculty of the UNAM”.